The association members can reserve a part or all the house to organize 
their event:

- Birthdays (18, 20, 30, 40 years...)
- Communion,
- Golden weddings,
- Baptism …

The Mulhouse Family Association (AFM) annual membership fee is €27
per family, the aim of the association is mainly, the management of

Membership Forms are available on simple request; you will just have to
be sponsored by a member.

Members, old or new, can come to the different “member weekends" organized by the association, themes are proposed, such as:

- In February: week of holidays for the members wishing to take advantage of the mountain,
  generally snow-covered in that period.

- In March: we organize a weekend with "colonial rice" dinner.

- In May: we celebrated, a little in advance, Mother's Day, with an organized visit of the
  old silver mine followed by a very good meal at the restaurant, the association always
  offers the meal to the Mothers members of the association.

- At the end of August, there will be a car rally, to discover certain elements of the
  Alsatian landscape.

- In October: the traditional sauerkraut.

- In November, the third weekend of the month, tasting of the new Beaujolais and 
  delicatessen, with French songs and plenty to drink!.

- In December: every year, Father Christmas spoils the under 12-years-old members offering
  a little gift, after a show performed by a professional clown, followed by a fascinating
  treasure hunt, then by an afternoon snack offered to the children. The evening ends by a
  theme dinner.

o Activities, themes, dates can change from one year to the next because 
the association changes, because it is dynamic, and welcomes all the 
volunteers and the good ideas!
o Except for the payment of the subscription and the Baeselbach regulations 
respect, a member has no other obligations.
o Things being what they are, the volunteers and the persons anxious to be 
involved in the life of the association, anxious to promote Baeselbach, are 
always welcome.

To contact us, get further information, or to do a booking,

please phone 03 89 06 27 50 or 06 10 79 75 and leave a message;
we will phone you back as quickly as possible.
You can also contact us by e-mail