Baeselbach has an accommodation capacity of 130 persons and
80 beds, with bedrooms of 2, 3 or 4 beds (ideal for families
with children). We can fit out, on simple request, a bedroom
on the ground floor, for a reduced mobility person.


The dining room is adjustable and you can arrange 
tables and chairs according to your needs (small 
clumps, in U shape). 130 place settings can be 
ensured by meal. Educational, musical activities 
are regularly practised in this vast very bright space


The groups which reserve the house have a free hand as to the 
distribution of bedrooms; a plan of the two floors of the house
as well as the capacity of every bedroom will be delivered to them, 
bedrooms lock and keys are to be handed to the refuge-keeper at the bar.

To contact us, get further information, or to do a booking,

please phone 03 89 06 27 50 or 06 10 79 75 and leave a message;
we will phone you back as quickly as possible.
You can also contact us by e-mail